Youth between the ages of 16 and 19 will be referred to Chrysalis House by service providers, community members or by self-referral.  The referred youth will then undergo an intake assessment to determine suitability for admissions and will be informed of the house guidelines.  Once the youth has been approved to reside at Chrysalis House they are to contact the Department of Social Development to apply for the Youth Engagement Services Program, which involves a home assessment to determine if the parental home is considered unsuitable or unsafe. The Executive Director of Youth in Transition makes the final decision as to residency.  Youth living in abusive situations will be given priority. Youth must be willing to attend school or a training program.


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What Chrysalis House Means to Me

“Is my safe environment in which I am able to grow, learn new skills and get help to achieve goals that would normally seem unachievable.”


Resident name withheld for confidentiality

“Chrysalis House to me is home.  The safe and structured environment has helped me to mature into someone who can function better in society.  I’ve built better relationships with friends and family.  I’ve seen many different girls come and go and have learned that even though we’re all different, we need one thing in common; a safe place where we can live and prosper into who and what we are meant to be.  This house provides all of us with the support we need.” 


Resident name withheld for confidentiality

“The staff makes such a great difference in young ladies’ lives.  I actually lived at Chrysalis House back in summer/early fall of 2002.  My life has changed so much since then in the greatest of

ways and I know just how important this place is in our community.  I am forever grateful for the house and

the staff and girls I met while at Chrysalis House.  It was life-changing.”


Resident name withheld for confidentiality